Smart Classes

Classroom with large panel interactive electronic white board is a new multi sensory learning experience for students and helps them to improve their academic performance.
The classroom turns into lively learning platforms for students and the teachers can choose from a mix of teaching tools such as the traditional chalk and blackboard coupled with graphics, sound, animations, and videos. It helps demonstrate and teach difficult or abstract curriculum concepts apart from making the regular curriculum interesting.


The classroom serves as a developmentally appropriate learning environment, which supports children’s initiatives to explore, observe and experiment.
Teachers create an intellectually engaging, responsive environment to promote each child’s learning and development. This environment fosters self-esteem, self-conception and social competence.

The classroom contains areas in which children can plan and perform their activities.

  • The classroom has areas for quiet and active social interactions.
  • The classroom contains areas with words and pictures that are creations of our own children.
  • The classroom has a variety of materials to encourage meaningful experiences.
Outdoor play area

Outdoor play area has child safe play equipments, games, tracks and courts including splash pool and sand play area for early learning children.
Shivam Convent New Premises
Spacious classrooms with adequate ventilation and light will actively engage the children during the school hours and keep them healthy and happy. The classroom will be filled with learning tools and teaching aids which will enrich their exciting learning experience.